Jul 17, 2015

The Need to Design

written by benjireyes
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I don’t consider myself an “expert” in the field of woodworking and designing. Though people seek my advice on design and materials, I have to be honest. This gives me a sense of fulfillment in my chosen line of field. My sincere gratitude to those who support and believe in my works! I just wish I had another lifetime to discover more possibilities on designing, working with wood and sharing my experiences in this amazing world of designing and creating.

For the young furniture designers wanting to be successful in their respective fields, I would like to share with you the path I took that led me to my progression as a designer and as a person.

DESIGNING………. understanding the word design, material and shop work knowledge, establishing one’s artistic identity, earning an honest living.

In that order lest we use the title “designer”.

Honestly, did you choose to be a designer for material wealth?

If you are indeed creative, using this as the first step to success would divide your creative skills for designing to formulating ways in accumulating wealth faster. Most “designers” I know of who followed this path are more of business men rather than a designer. “innovators” for who they think they are. A good designer should first learn to be honest to himself. The title “designer or artist” is not earned from schooling but is bestowed upon you by patrons and believers in your work.

You might say that drawing a concept on paper is designing. Most young “designers” would search Taytay or Pampanga for a craftsman to execute their “designs”. “The Craftsman”…. (that, I’ll touch on in another blog.) with his knowledge in machineries and materials on putting together what is on paper would be your best bet for your “design” to come into fruition. Most often the craftsman would have to make adjustments in his best knowledge and judgement to rectify structural flaws he sees with the concept. By doing so, he is being sure that he protects his reputation as a craftsman despite underlying his intellectual property rights. At the end…….. and again, Honestly? Was it your design? A TRUE and HONEST designer who is willing to learn and progress in his field would call it a collaboration.

“Originality” is the key word. Try to think outside of the box. It will never be an easy path to success. You may have all the financial support but the price tag on having your own artistic identity is only achieved with patience, soul and time you put into the craft. It can never be bought!

Study the market, What do people need? What has been done bought and collected? Be mindful that you have one chance to showcase your work to the public to be identified. Don’t waste that chance to be tagged as a copycat! Have in mind what their reaction should be when they see your work………” Nice…….. something new… (and most important….)

WHO’S WORK IS IT?” That’s creating your identity. With this…….. you’re on the right path DESIGNER!

“I see your soul in your works” as quoted by Manuel Vergara Torres

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