Dec 7, 2018


Prepping one side of a number of bent laminated forms for a new design. I’m so stoked about this new concept.

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Wood played a vital role in the emergence of man into the modern world. As an all important resource for fuel, tools and building materials, wood helped shape society…

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It takes a while for me to really appreciate a beautiful home. The exterior and interior design of the structure (or as I call them. The “picture” and the…

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After my 26-year romance with wood, realization has finally knocked on my wooden intellect that there is more to be learned in my chosen field of art. Through experience,…

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Jul 17, 2015

The Need to Design

I don’t consider myself an “expert” in the field of woodworking and designing. Though people seek my advice on design and materials, I have to be honest. This gives…

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