Juan Tamad

When technical and mechanical problems incubating in one’s mind for so long are solved, the final steps to completing a concept comes within grasp. And just like that, design comes into fruition and everything flows altogether. This was how this chaise lounge came to be. Benji nursed this concept years back until he understood completely.

Laminated slats of ipil and molave took the shape of the seat and the back rest. The back’s pitch can be adjusted to 5 settings. The the base is made from molave, the seat bracket support at the bottom and the adjuster bracket are all dungon (iron wood). Crown are saplungan while all locking keys are ebony.

The artist’s great grand father, Don Severino Reyes, a playwright more popularly known as Lola Basyang authored a book entitled “Juan Tamad” which is the story of a lazy boy named Juan.

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